Sunday, 25 October 2015

I'm not RACEing to buy Ferrari

Talk about hype. The IPO price makes TSLA look cheap. I decided to do a simple analysis of the Top 15 car manufacturers and then add in Ferrari and Tesla, and compare their market cap against number of cars sold. You might ask why I don't measure against revenue or profit, but I did that via P/E. Here's my chart.

As you can see, Ferrari is ridiculously expensive by either my 'per car' metric, or simply just on the P/E which is much higher than anyone elses. (The SAIC market cap is a bit of a mystery, Chinese state companies and all that).
This chart also highlights that the dust has now settled on the VW scandal, as the other P/Es seem to have recovered.
No, I would not RACE to buy Ferrari stock!
By the way their cash is declining as their sales rise. Not a good sign.

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