Monday 21 September 2015

University of Essex FTA Course

I have signed up for and am currently studying for a post-graduate diploma at the University of Essex (all online) called as Financial Trading Analysis, or FTA for short.

You can read about the course here, the current course is running now. It lasts four months, and the next one will presumably be in early 2016. It was produced in co-operation with

A lot of the course involves FX and index trading on MetaTrader4 and, and writing up the reasons for those trades. There is then a module on fundamental portfolios, using Google Finance to record the portfolio performance, and using their screener to select stocks.

The material I am doing for the course uses real live data, and I thought it might be useful to document the material I am writing for my assignments and other contributions.

I chose this one over the many courses available because it is validated by a real university, and therefore the quality of the material is assured.

Keep watching the blog for updates.

David Atherton
21 September 2015 


  1. David,

    Very interested in the FTA course you are studying online from Essex Uni. I live just outside Colchester and have been considering gaining formal recognition in TA for a while now. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on the course so far and also as you progress.

    Many thanks

    1. It's good. Lots of background formal stuff about finance so far, the TA starts properly in a few weeks. Will post up the course syllabus and stuff in the next few days. There is of course also the MTA ( who do the formal CMT

  2. Excellent. I will download the prospectus tonight. Looking forward to reading your updates.


  3. Hi, im consideting the FTA coutse. Do yo still think its worth the money?


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